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We all love pizza because never disappoints.

Today you´ll learn a secret formula to make the Latin version.


220 g of spicy Mexican chorizo ​​Toluca

4 cups of flour 250g butter 2 tbsp.

baking powder

1 pinch of salt

1 pinch of sugar

4 eggs 3 tbsp.

sesame 3 tbsp.melted butter

¼ onion cut into slices

½ cup of corn kernels

1 cup of cooked beans

1 tbsp. dried epazote

3 serrano peppers

200g of grated Manchego cheese 1 avocado

How to make it:

Mix the ingredients of the dough in the blender until they are integrated.

Spread it on a greased tray, varnish it with the butter and sprinkle the sesame seeds on the edges. Bake at 180 oC for 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, fry the chorizo ​​in a frying pan and remove the excess fat. Take the tray out of the oven, distribute the cheese, the beans, the chorizo, the corn kernels, the serrano peppers cut into thin slices and the onions.

Return to the oven for 10 more minutes to gratin the cheese and brown the ingredients. Remove from the oven and serve with avocado slices and sesame seeds.

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